What is a Roofing Warranty?

A roofing warranty is a promise that your new roof will be secure for a certain amount of time. It's like insurance for your roof, protecting you from defects and poor workmanship. There are several types of warranties to be aware of:

1. Manufacturer's Warranty: This covers defects in the roofing materials themselves and typically lasts for 20-50 years. It usually includes replacement or repair of defective materials but excludes damage caused by improper installation or natural disasters.

2. Workmanship Warranty: Provided by the roofing contractor, this covers the installation of the roofing materials. It's separate from the manufacturer's warranty and may have different terms and duration. It covers repairs to issues arising from improper installation but may not cover damage caused by external factors.

3. Extended Warranty: Some manufacturers or contractors offer extended warranties for an additional fee, providing longer coverage beyond the standard warranties. These warranties may offer additional benefits or coverage options.

Duration and Coverage

Roofing warranties can vary in duration and coverage:

- Short-Term Warranties typically cover the first few years ranging 1-10 years after installation depending on the roofing contractor. It may only cover material defects that result in:

and other issues commonly caused by Water Intrusion into defective shingles.

They are also generally less expensive than long-term warranties but provide limited coverage.

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Common exclusions in short-term warranties include damage from:

- Long-Term Warranties can range from 20 to 50 years or more and may cover both materials and workmanship. They cover defects in materials and workmanship that result in further damage. They may also cover the cost of labor for repairs or replacement during a warranty period. 

Understanding Exclusions

It's important to review the exclusions listed in your warranty to understand what is not covered. 

Common exclusions in short-term warranties include damage from:

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WARNING: Failure to follow installation guidelines or use approved materials can void the warranty.

Making a Warranty Claim

If you believe you have a valid warranty claim, follow these steps:

1. Contact the manufacturer or contractor as soon as possible.

2. Provide proof of purchase and installation.

3. Follow the claim process outlined in your warranty.

Cost Considerations

Some warranties may be included in the cost of your roofing materials or installation, while others like an Extended Warranty may require an additional fee. Consider the cost of the warranty in relation to the value it provides in terms of coverage and protection. A more expensive warranty may offer more comprehensive coverage and peace of mind that makes it worth the cost for some homeowners. But it’s essential to do your due diligence to determine the best warranty deal for your situation.

Other fees that you may take into consideration are:

Importance of Professional Installation

Many warranties require that the roofing be installed by a certified or approved contractor to be valid. Professional installation ensures that your warranty remains valid and that your roof is installed correctly. If the installation is not done professionally, the warranty may be voided.

Reading the Fine Print

Before agreeing to a warranty, carefully read and understand the terms and conditions. Pay attention to any limitations or exclusions that may affect your coverage.

In conclusion, roofing warranties can provide valuable protection and peace of mind for homeowners. 

By understanding:

 you can ensure that your roof is protected for years to come.

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